The Weekend Guide.....

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Be a Part of: Olympic History
What: Celebrate the games with ’round-the-clock broadcasts, jeering, cheering, tacos, and designer kiosks with souvenirs made for the occasion.
Why: Aren't you tired of breaking shopping world records......
When: Fri., 11 a.m.-Sun., 7 p.m.
35 Howard St., b/t Crosby St. & Broadway

Shop: Behind The Name - Women's Sample Sale
What: Behind the Name is producing a pop-up sale, bringing together a fresh group of NY and LA designers at a fraction of the retail cost. FORM will be offering its modern and luxurious dresses. In addition to the past season steals, there will be one-of-a-kind samples. LA-based Fremont will be offering their vintage-inspired tailored dresses, jackets, one-piece jumpsuits, breezy printed silk tops and dresses, as well as cotton separates. NY label Whistle & Flute will be featuring feminine silk blouses, tailored shorts, wide leg trousers, and must-have silk skirts. Knitwear label, AntoineDom screen-prints iconic black and white photographs onto drapey tanks and tees.

Price points include:

FORM: dresses now $100, orig. retail $800
Fremont: cotton separates now $25, orig. retail $110; tailored dresses, jackets, and jumpsuits now $45, orig. retail $175-$295; silk tops now $35, orig. retail $245; silk dresses now $80, orig. retail $295
Whistle & Flute: silk blouses now $110, orig. retail $250; tailored shorts now $75, orig. retail $170; trousers now $115, orig. retail $274; silk skirts now $95, orig. retail $216
AntoineDom: tanks now $40, orig. retail $80; tees now $40, orig. retail $90

When: 8/7/2008- 8/10/2008
Time: Thu-Sun 12pm-7pm
Where: 170 Elizabeth St. (btwn Kenmare & Spring St.)
New York, NY 10012
Payment Type: Cash ONLY

Do: Start cleaning that closet and take inventory for the Fall Season. Follow these simple tips to get that closet in order and get ready for Summer shopping.....Identify your five must-have items!

  • Create 4 piles and spread them in separate areas of the room, (this will help you keep it organized).

  • Pile #1 consist of things you don't want but are too expensive to just dump. Try selling on Ebay or to a local consignment shop.

  • Pile #2 is the group of clothing you hate or even embarrassed to admit you bought (like those fuchsia platforms on sale at Daffy's). Head these unwanted pieces to the Goodwill Clothing and Textile Recycling in Brooklyn.

  • Pile #3, items you actually like and wear often should do an about face back into your closet.

  • Lastly in Pile#4 gather clothing you wear but it needs to be altered or hemmed. Each week drop a piece off at your local tailor or Dry Cleaners and "Get it Right"...