Chic Jewels of the Day......

Hope everyone's Labor Day was a blast......

As we bid farewell to summer, September marks the beginning of the Spring/Summer 09 fashion show season in New York City. I am so ready to take a break from the political hoopla (my other 9-5) and indulge in a little fashion!

As we fashionistas juggle the facets of our demanding careers, family life and our obsession with the pretty things in life, let us take a moment and focus on a few of lifes simple treasures.......

  • Make Time for your Girlfriends: In the midst of a hectic schedule like yours, (do the words `sllloooow dooown' seem fitting?) it's easy to put creature comforts last. Make your girlfriends a priority and you will be amazed at how much more sane you feel. It's true, there are not enough hours in a day, but if you can squeeze in a visit with your favorite sister friends everything will be right with the world. Plus, you'll be reminded that life is not just about work.

  • Allow Yourself One Frivolous Purchase a Week: Whether it's a lavender bar of soap you don't need, a ridiculously priced frappuccino from your local Starbucks or a low cut blouse that goes perfectly with that new bracelet you bought on sale downtown, it'll give you a sense of renewal that helps fend off stress and depression. They call it retail therapy for a reason you know. Isn't there a saying about that: “a diamond a day keeps the doctor….” Oh well, close enough.

  • Give Yourself a Pedicure: You're already sitting in front of the TV watching “Project Runway” with your feet up on the table; why not soak them in soothing Epsom salts, and paint your toesies? Even as the Fall season is fast approaching and your feet are covered in (designer) boots, at least YOU will know what lurks underneath, and it'll make you smile all day long.

  • Talk on the Phone: Call up a girlfriend you haven't spoken to in a while just to say hello. You will brighten her day, and possibly inspire your own. Plus you will be reminded there are people out there who care about you.

  • Read: There's nothing more soothing than curling up in your favorite chair, or bathtub with a good book, (especially if it's accompanied by soft jazz and some Godiva) Whether it's the latest New Yorker, Elle or a printout from your favorite Tres Chic Style post. Reading is one of the greatest escapes of all time because you can stop at any time, it costs nothing but time, and it's a great way to inspire new ideas.

  • Dress Up and Take Yourself to Dinner: There is nothing more empowering than dining alone. Wear your favorite stilettos, little black dress and play around with new make-up looks before you go. Head to the bar and sit sipping your favorite drink, taking in the atmosphere. Some of the world's greatest thinkers came up with brilliant ideas while dining alone. Who says you aren't next? (Then again, if the bartender is cute, he might just inspire some good ideas too…)

  • Organize Girlfriend Get-Togethers on a Regular Basis: It can be for coffee, dinner, a walk, or a cry, but no matter what, make sure to foster good friendships in your life. Friends are a reflection of the person you are, so make sure they are good ones. After all, without them, life would be pretty empty (especially when it comes to shopping).

Till next time.....Keep it Chic, Fabulous & Stylish