Recession-Proof Fall Essentials.....

Just because summer’s over it doesn’t mean you still can't get a some mileage out of your fab summer wardrobe. The key to fall dressing is mixing & matching while using existing pieces.
Now, does that mean your white skinny jeans can make yet another romp on life's super fashion highway? Nope! (pack'em a way and leave them there)

Here's a few summer pieces you can pull to the front of the closet and make them work for the Fall....

Sandals- Last year I mentioned wearing sandals in the fall with tights. Well it seems like the trend has returned and oh so fashionably!

Here's a few tips "To Make It Work"

  • Stay in the same color family ex: black/suede sandals paired with charcoal grey tights

  • No stilettos and no hideous Birkenstocks either...

  • Stack heel, platforms (maybe a wedge depending on the style)

No need to retire your sundresses just yet.... A cute cardigan or the season's best blazer can transform that summer look into a casual Fall ensemble. Or you can even pair it with some boots for a different look.

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