Top 10 Fall Must- Haves

Trés Chic Top Ten Fall Must-Haves

Fall is a great season….A time when we can begin to pull out the stylish boots and pack away the sun-dresses (although with the beautiful weather you can probably sneak in one or two). Fall is here and is your wardrobe in need of a lift?

Here’s a list that I have compiled to assist my fellow fashionistas on their journey to a stylish autumn season!
1. A Great Coat, this can be a wardrobe staple and can actually make or break an outfit. Ladies, fashionable outerwear is a must!!! This season the classic ladylike coat takes center stage. Details, Bold Color and Belts can spice things up a bit. A stylish brooch/scarf can take you from simplicity to that lil’ something extra.

2. The “It” BagThis bag can be a direct representation of who you are. Carry a large sack and risk looking like a “bag lady” or carry a stylish tote to schlep the newspaper, shoes and lunch. Anyway you carry it make it Chic! As a connoisseur of over-sized handbags (bigger is not always better…your back may have resentment in your later years.) Designer, Imitation , whatever jut make it Chic!

3. A “Bit” of GlitzSubtle sparkle & “baby bling” goes a long way. A hint of shimmer on the ears and neck and then you can “go all out” with enamel bracelets (featured at Trés Chic) for a glamour effect.

4. A Go-To Dress (also known as “the little black dress”)A dress that can be ready for any occasion. Something you can pull out of the closet and get together with little effort. That perfect dress that can be paired with your favorite stilettos or that cutesy flat.

5. Stiletto Boots, Need I say more??? A stiletto boot is a wardrobe staple (for me anyways). Not only does it provide height, but pair it with jeans, a mini or the season’s favorite leggings and you have achieved pure glamour…sexy, stylish and did I say Sexy!!!!

6. A Dash of Plaid, Now I don’t want you ladies running out to buy a kilt or break the bank on a Burberry Trench….A hint of plaid can be found in some of fall’s hottest accessories. Jewelry, handbags, shoes, scarves & hats.

7. A Cozy Knit (or two)Sweater dresses are hot!Trust me a pair of Spanx (available at Trés Chic) and a black knit dress; you can really hurt somebody… Knits are a hit this season, dresses, sweaters and even skirts are must-haves.

8. An “It Girls” Piece, The latest designer as featured on your favorite celebrity. If you are an avid reader of Life & Style, In Style, OK or any other fashion magazine, I’m sure this one is relevant to you.Don’t be a fashion clone or a fashion victim… Every celebrity trend is not meant to be followed.Even celebrities make mistakes (hint: Nicole Richie) Nothing against the girl, but really- Does she really pay her stylist for some of that stuff??

9. Party Ready Glam, Life is one big party; let your wardrobe reflect it. Have a fun flirty piece that you can wear for a night out with the girls or a MySpace picture. Flirty….not Slutty!!

10. A Great Hat, Hats are back (and why did they ever leave?)Cloche, snood, lampshade or a fierce Stetson, take your pick there’s a hat for everyone. Nothing says “Old Hollywood Glamour” like a beautiful hat. (Hint: A great coat accompanied with a great hat……Simply Stunning!)