The Limited...Finally On-Line!

Believe it or not, but it's 2008 and many retailer's have yet to embrace the e-commerce marketplace. Our friends at The Limited recently unveiled their new website that will allow busy fashionista's to take a peek at new arrivals and even shop versus heading out to the mall.

The much anticipated launch took place on September 18, of this year. This new e-commerce website is an exciting addition to The Limited's offering of high-quality, private-label apparel designed to help the modern woman to succeed. The site will carry a full selection of in-store apparel, as well as extended sizes, an outfitting guide, and a store locator.

After becoming independent from Limited Brands Incorporated in 2007, the creation of an e-commerce site was one of The Limited's first major business objectives. Extensive customer research was conducted to determine exactly what customers needed and expected from the site. The result is an online store that is easy to navigate and makes chic, wearable clothing just a click away.


pntszdinFluence said…
Ah Fabulous. I live in NY w/o a car and the nearest Limited is so frickin far. Thank you for this info!