10 Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas Under $10....

Before you head out for your holiday shopping, take a peek at some fab holiday gift ideas. These gifts are nontraditional, affordable, thoughtful and under $10....

  1. Journal - personalize this gift by writing a special inscription inside
  2. Homemade Cocoa/Tea - grab your favorite recipe and package it in a mason jar add some ribbon and voila!
  3. Picture Frame - head on over to Marshall's or TJ Maxx and your likely to find a gorgeous frame or two.
  4. Nail Polish Gift Set - a top coat, nude color and some remover in a cute tin makes a great gift
  5. Candy - gourmet chocolate bars wrapped in a pretty ribbon
  6. Tea Set - herbal tea inside a decorative tea cup
  7. Coupons- (not the ones you clip) personalize a special coupon for that special someone in your life. It can be as simple as chauffeur for a day or a free babysitting day. Be Creative!
  8. Note Cards - once again Marshall's or TJ Maxx has you covered with this one. Add a few stamps as an added touch.
  9. Trail Mix- nut lover's will smile.... personalize it by re-packaging it and added some ribbon
  10. Homemade Cookies - everyone's favorite treat....


Anonymous said…
Chocolates are the perfect gift…. I just love them.