The Weekend Guide

This week's weekend guide is a little different....... Instead of posting about haute things to see, and places to shop we've decided to post a few chic tidbits on keeping it chic and stylish during this tight economy.
  • Shop your own closet.... Fashionistas have been known to impulse shop, we tend to buy things on a whim, stash items in the back of our closets and often leave it there. Now's the time to pull out that Magenta scarf you snagged for 6 bucks at H&M and pair it with your favorite sweater or blouse for an updated look.

  • Plan a swap & shop.... Just one more reason to party with friends. Turn you next girlfriends get-together into a savvy shopping event. Swap & Shops are a must for these economic times. It allows you to unload your unwanted fashion finds onto someone who may just actually want it. You leave feeling great and hopefully with some haute items to compliment your existing wardrobe.

  • At-Home spa treatments.... Skip the weekly facials and opt for a skin care regimen at home to keep you looking great. Browse your local drugstore for affordable products and supplies.

And because we want you to to look fabulous in this tight economy we'll be dedicating an entire week of recession-proof fashion and beauty tips to get you ready for the holidays....

So stay tuned and see ya next week!