The Weekend Guide....

Inauguration fever is here.... Whether your heading out to D.C. for the weekend's events or planning a celebration soiree at home, here's a few chic ideas:

Traveling To DC: Thinking about leaving on Tuesday??? With the expected traffic pile-up you may get you into the capital on Thursday!
Seriously, if your heading down Sunday evening/early Monday may be your best bet. Amtrak is an ideal choice for those who'd rather not navigate through the traffic and endless security checkpoints.

Bundle Up & Look Chic: The weather is predicting a bitterly cold and windy Inauguration Day. Just because the weather's frightful, doesn't mean you have to look that way too! The integral feature of a stunning Inugural look is most definitely a fab coat. Of course you’ll need tights that will keep your legs super-warm. And don't forget about a chic hat, scarf and gloves too keep you warm...

Last Minute Event Shopping: Head down to the mall this weekend and snag an awesome deal like this, this or maybe even these.

Inauguration Soiree Hostess Tips

Show your American pride with a dazzling decor of silver, red and blue (yes, I said silver). Or better yet, whip out those decorations from last year's 4th of July Celebration!

There is no shortage of Obama related products. Depending on your budget, gift bags could include t-shirts, wrist bands, hats, or just about any patriotic item you can get your hands on.

Serve a decadent menu reflecting President-Elect Obama's diverse background. Try Mini-Chicago Style Pizzas, a Hawaiian salad, or a traditional Kenyan dish of samosas.