More Oscar Red Carpet Thoughts...

7:30PM As I mentioned earlier...the kids from Slumdog Millionaire are too cute. Just in from Mumbai this is their first time on a plane and they are so excited.
They even know how to work the red carpet!!

7:40PM The show starts in about an hour, which means there's lot's more to come on The Red Carpet!

7:52PM Marisa Tomei's hair is a mess!! Her gown is a little over the top and could use a nice coiffed look not her unfinished side "updo"..

Missed Alicia Keys... laughing at Taraji's excitement when interviewed by Robin Roberts. Missy said "this is her night and it's all about her" lol...

I know Sarah Jessica Parker loves her hubby and all but why is she pushing him all up in the camera, they want to talk to you not him SJP...

I wanted to See Viola Davis in some color....

Wonder why Robin Robert's decided tp go without the belt??

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8:18PM Niole Richie and Joel madden are expecting again (yawning)

BRB..... Mommyhood calls!

8:44PM Loved the opening and I think Hugh Jackman is the best

Musicals are my favorite.

What is Whoopi wearing??? I mean really.. Leopard???

8:45PM Penelpe Cruz' look is so sophisticated.

Ok back to Whoopi, what's up with the huge tatoo??

8:46PM Goldie Hawn is such a classic beauty.

I love the tribute to the supporting actress nominees.
I want them all to win

8:00PM Penelope won!!! She is so gracious..

8:57PM MILK just won and the acceptance speech is beautiful!

9:00PM Slumdog looks like a beautiful film..

9:02PM What is up with Jennifer Aniston's hair?? Did'nt she just turn 40? I think that style is a better fit for Miley Cyrus..

9:04PM Why do they still let Jack Black out of the house??

9:06PM So not happy with Jennifer Aniston's look... I wonder what her stylist could have been thinking??? This years Oscar look is polished and poised, Did someone miss the memo??

9:10PM Taking a break, BRB...

9:40PM Ok, I'm back...
Hate Jessica Biel's dress and hair. Remninds me of Cameron Diaz a few years ago...

9:41PM Best Short Film.... (Yawning)

9:55PM Beyonce must be Sasha Fierce tonight... Too much bootie shaking for the Oscars! Oh boy didn't Etta already put her blast for singing that song?

Did they really have to use her to sing Mama Mia??

Wait is she lyp-syncing???

10:09PM Heath Ledger wins posthumuosly...
Looks like an emotional moment for the audience. Angelina, Anne Hathaway and Kate are all teary...

His Mom's gown is beautiful.. RIP Heath, job well done!

10:37PM Slumdog Mollionaire is a big winner tonight.

10:49PM Taking a quick break to channel surf..

11:17PM Reece Witherspoon's royal blue gown is really distracting. Will elaborate tomorrow.

11:19PM Slum Dog does it again...

11:22PM Best Picture and Best Actor/Actress.... Drumroll Please!!!!

11:25PM I still love Julia Robert's acceptance speech

11:26PM wow... Sophia Loren is still a diva!

11:27PM the tribute are so amazing.. I think Anne Hathaway is going to cry!!

11:28PM Kate Winslet looks amazing too! Flawless hair and makeup! And I agree, she is a gifted actress.

11:29PM Halle Berry's look is vampy with a glam goth twist. Two words... Hate It!

11:31PM Praying Meryl Streep wins... Love her! 15 Nominations in her carrer...

11:32PM Angelina Jolie seems uncomfortable when given praise.

11:33PM Kate Winslet has it!

Her hair is so vintage Hollywood Glam. The charcoal gown is rendy but still Oscar worthy. Nice shout-out to her dad.

11:34PM I thought she won for Titanic.. Have to check that one out..
Nice acceptance speech!

Not a bad show this year... Hugh Jackman rocks!

11:40PM Signing off now... Thanks so much for tuning in!

I'll be posting a full report on Monday....Good Night!