Ready...Set...Jet in Style....

As we sashay our way into the Spring season, fashionistas are planning wonderful summer getaways. Whether tour jet-setting across the Europe, taking a quick peek at Spain or just laying low in the Hamptons, fashionable luggage is a must!

I'm sure many of you have experienced luggage disasters where the bags have sustained bumps and bruises courtesy of those snazzy folks at baggage handling. Now is the perfect time to snag a fabulous new set of bags. There' s nothing better than cute luggage that stands out from the crowd and makes your arrival a breeze when your standing at the carousel.

Take a look at some beautiful travel companions.....

The fabulous folks at Steamline Luggage have taken fashionable luggage to a whole new level.
Rectangular-shaped suitcases come in regal color combos like brown and white or red and tan, as well as more whimsical options like pink and linen or teal and tan.
In fact, the pieces are pretty enough to double as home accessories….
Definitely not your granny's old Steamer Trunk....
Available online at

Who say's your luggage can't be sexy?????
Piel Leather 2XXX - Blushing Red Collection Luggage
The finest in luxurious full-grain leather, featuring YKK zippers, brass hardware and detachable/adjustable shoulder straps. Each piece is tailored to remain beautiful while enduring the rigors of active travel. And at $1,036.00 it better be......
Available at

DVF Luggage is a classic favorite for many fashionistas when it comes to luggage. This pretty pink carry-on is from the Hearts 2 Collection is expandable and oh so chic.... $131.00, Luggage Online