Haute or Not ????

Let's be honest I love a fab shoe...the pretty ones, the stunning ones and boy do I adore a beautiful stiletto. I've fallen in love with a few that didn't necessarily love me back (and boy do I have stories to tell)....... I think we've all donned a pair for the sake of fashion and wished we could just sit all day...Fashionistas you know what I mean!

There were a myriad of beautiful designer shoes on the spring ‘09 runways, but many of them are not only beautiful but extremely challenging. This is the season of the exaggerated heel, many of which are also extremely high.

Here are some of the most interesting spring shoes we spotted and tell us what you think....
Haute or Not??

Yves Saint Laurent’s metal gladiator sandals have a lil' art deco look with metal mesh heels....

Dolce & Gabbana combined several trends in their silver/gray sandals: the ankle wrap, the metallic look, the platform, the towering heel and an extra sole for good measure.

Proenza Schouler