Spring Beauty Round-Up....

So many products so little time...

This entire week is dedicated to my personal favorite beauty products for the Spring season. I sloughed, slathered and lathered some of the best products on the market and will get the opportunity to share some of the great ones with you.

Best of all a few lucky Tres Chic Style fashionistas will have an opportunity to snag some of my favorite finds in our Reader Giveaway at the end of this week 3/27/09.

Did you know the rich ingredients in seaweed actually help to detoxify, purify and oxygenate the skin? Seaweed not only cleanses the skin but tones and soothes it also. If scoring the ocean floor is not on your agenda this summer, breathe easy because the great minds at Cures by avancé have made it easier than ever for you to benefit from the elements of seaweed with a collection of over 15 different skincare products.

Recently I was introduced to the Cures by avancé line and found their concept quite interesting. Their goal is to focus on skin conditions and not on skin types. Cures by Avancé has created services and treatments that treat the root cause of the skin condition, offering long-term results.

Spring is the perfect time to brighten and tone your skin color. Winter may have left you with dull, uneven color. With a myriad of facial mask on the market, Cures by avancé has developed a toning mask formulated with hydrating Marine Clay Extracts.

Firming Sea Mask, $32.00

Need a great solution to puffiness, tired eyes, dark circles and age lines??? With the emergence of daylight savings time, fashionistas are begin to stay up a little later than usual. You hit the night scene with your girls and still need to look great for that presentation in the morning. Revital Eyes delicate eye cream instantaneously replenishes lost moisture, fine lines begin to diminish and the upper and lower lids are protected.

Revital Eyes, $48.00

In addition to our favorite beauty products, we'd never leave you without your daily dose of fashion.....

Five Spring Fashion Essentials

  1. Voluminous miniskirt
  2. Jumpsuit
  3. Sky-high shoes
  4. Haute Jeans
  5. Bib Necklaces

Stay tuned and we'll post some of our favorite Spring Essential looks tomorrow, show you how to wear them and where to get'em......