Check out The RueLaLa....

Just when you thought shopping couldn't get any sweeter...... Here comes RueLaLa!
The Deal: RueLaLa is an exclusive, invitation-only online destination connecting consumers to that which only fashion insiders used to be privy to. The site features up to two new private sale boutiques a day, each open for just a brief window of time.
How it Works: RueLaLa members receive notification of upcoming private sale boutiques at the beginning of the week allowing them to plan their shopping experience around their own busy schedules. Reminder emails, text alerts and Outlook calendar tools allow members to easily add the sale event to their calendars. Communication during the sale allows members to watch in real-time as merchandise is selling out -- creating a contagiousness to join and share the experience.
How do I Join: Do an about face and direct your browser over to and let that Visa do what it do......


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