Chic Tip of the Day...

Fashionistas love to indulge and get pampered from time to time. Spa days are great ways to relax and alleviate stress.

Before you book your appointment, we wanted to offer you a few tips on Spa Day Etiquette.

  • Leave your valuables behind...Besides your wedding/engagement rings, the priceless baubles are safer at home. You'd hate to forget them on a locker room sink.

  • Dress Comfortably...
    Clothing that you can slip out of easily is a must.

  • Store your cell phone/blackberry in your locker. (This is even hard for me). Even if you don't mind hearing your Blackberry beep or vibrate, the woman next to you might!

    Remember your in a spa!! If you absolutely need to be reached, check it every 15 mins or give the front desk phone number in the event of an emergency.