Summer Beauty Must-Haves.... Part Deux!

Bid farewell to tired eyes this summer with a revolutionary product called GloEyeRevitalize from the makers of Glo Skin Care. As a fashionista, mommy and entrepreneur, I often find myself getting 5-6 hours of shut eye each night and dark under eye circles living to tell the story. I've tried the cucumber treatments (yeah whole slices), fancy
eye creams, serums, gel packs and tons of concealer.

Let's face it, beauty is all about the eyes. Be it a smokey look for evening or a playful shimmer for day. Any way you slice it fine lines and under eye circles are a definite beauty no-no.

GloEye Revitalize promises to be the next best thing to a triple espresso and I'm totally convinced! I gave this lil' baby and whirl prior to applying my MAC Studiofix with concealer and immediately noticed how the sheer cream tone magically blended into my skin.

With a combination of cucumber and aloe it was literally working to repair the damage under my tired eyes. Believe it or not I witnessed amazing results before my very own eyes. My eyes appeared brighter and my fine lines seemed to diminish instantly.

Affordably priced at $22.50, this quick fix has found a permanent place in my make-up bag. Perfect for on the go touch-ups, or just when you need a little "wake-up".


Anonymous said…
Love your blog! I must try this eye brightener!