In Case You Were Wondering.....

The Tres Chic brand is committed to bringing you the best in shopping, fashion, beauty and style advice. We invite you to take a look....
  • The Tres Chic Style Fashionista Network- Stay in the know with updated weekly steal & deals. Become a memeber of the network and create your own forum, post your photos, videos, blogs and events. This is a unique way to network with stylish and affluent fashionistas on the web.
  • Tres Chic Boutique- A mini preview of the best of Tres Chic Boutique. Items are updated regularly and we hope you stay tuned for our official launch of our online store this summer.
  • Tres Chic Style Online Magazine- The Tres Chic Online Magazine strives to deliver a unique mix of the best in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment news. Check us out!!

About Us:

Kishana Holland, Founder
The Tres Chic Style brand is a culmination of unique personalities, companies, events and trends that shape the fashion universe and beyond.
Founded in 2006, the Tres Chic brand has breathed life into two retail boutiques, a series of local and national shopping & social events, The Tres Chic Foundation and the hugely successful Tres Chic Style Fashion Blog.

The experience has been absolutely amazing….. And it has lots to do with our fiercely loyal readers – that would be you. Without your undying dedication, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So I thank you….