Another Chic Find...

My summer has been filled with fab PR events, lazy days by the pool, playdates & parties with the kids as well as some awesome special events. Since I adorn a collection of wigs to rival Miss Diana Ross (LOL!), my hair is never an issue but my nails...let's just say at times they're a crickly crackly mess!!

As a busy entrepreneur, mommy, blogger and pr maven, I'm seldom afforded the opportunity to spend countless hours in anyone's nail salon. It's funny because before I had children, I made a weekly pilgrimage to Long Nail in Brooklyn, NY for a color change for my over-the-top acrylic nails... I even did air-brush designs occasionally... The Horror!

Now that mommy duties calls...not to mention a RECESSION, I've resorted to simply keeping them neat & clean with my at-home manicure kit. No polish..Hardner...Nothing!

Until... I was contacted by Janet Lai, Product Brand Manager for Revlon Nail & Lash Division. Janet graciously sent me over some samples for me to try. Honestly, I was never overly excited to try at-home nails since my early experiences as a teen with Lee Press-On Nails! They were a mess!! I'd end up with the sticky adhesive everywhere except on my nails. I think they would last 2-3 hours and would pop off if you sneezed too hard... LOL!

So after looking at my Revlon box of goodies for nearly 2 weeks, I decided to give them and try!! Fashionistas.. I was in LOVE!! My "love affair" began with the Naturally Chic french manicure design.

They were super easy to apply, the glue actually worked and sizes were perfect! I have wide nail beds and some unusually large hands courtesy of my mom and grandma. Thanks Guys! :/ So finding the perfect nail fit can be a daunting task at times.

In less than 10 minutes, my crackly messes went from drab to fab. They reminded me of uber chic gel nails. My BFF even noticed and asked "since when did you start having time for the nail salon"... Until now, I still haven't shared my lil' secret. It's been a week and only one has been replaced!

This may be my favorite summer find yet... Thanks Revlon for bringing at-home nails to the 21st Century!

I was fortunate enough to receive complimentary samples but have no issues or problems splurging $7-$8 at my local pharmacy. They are soooo worth it!

Head on over to or your local Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid and take a look.


Tashima said…
I think I am going to give these a try. LIke you I was anti press on nailes since my lee press on days. This is a good way to save money.