Chic Beauty Finds....

This entire week has been all about the beauty.... So we figured we'd share one of our latest finds with you.

We've heard of Couture bottled waters, Fiji Water and even sipped the uber chic VOSS bottled water in the summer heat. Water is a natural cleanser for the skin and the Hi Def make-up extrodinaires at Koh Gen Do have unveiled a Cleansing Spa Water to hydrate and cleanse your best asset this summer.

With a simple wisk, your skin is sparkling clean and rid of oils, dirt and make-up residue. The cleansing water is alcohol free and infused with natural extracts and water derived from the Japanese Hot Springs.

We've tried this product and instantly fell in love with the results.....

*clean, easy and no-fuss...
*no rinsing needed
*leaves the skin cool and refreshed
*perfect for those lazy nights when you skip a deep cleanse
*an astringent minus the drying alcohol effect
*replenishes and rejuvenates as it cleans
*perfect for on-the go and safe enough for eye areas!

10.15oz $35 KohGenDo