Chic Product Review...

As a fashion & beauty blogger, I love trying haute new products and sharing my favorites with my loyal Tres Chic Style fashionistas...

Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to try The Rolling Razor ( Uh yeah, a razor that actually rolls!

The snazzy folks at Rolling Razor have created the next generation of shavers and fashionistas are thrilled!! No more stick style razors...say buh-bye to nasty nicks and skin irritation.

The innovative handle sets this baby apart from the rest with it's ring shaped handle that gives you superior control over your shaving experience.

The Verdict: I was initially smitten with the custom fitted holding base and did I mention it was Pink!!!

*Loved that it included (4) different blades... No more one size fits all!!

*For the very first time in years I've felt in control of my razor!! The round handle and curved shaped blades allowed me to get in close with the skins surface.

*It's been about 2 weeks and my blades are still intact! No more weekly razor purchases... Love It!

The Rolling Razor is a summer must-have... Try it and you'll never reach for a stick razor again!!
In addition to the actual razor, cartridges and shaving creams can be purchased here: