Chic Find of the Day....

Okay, summer is winding down but those stubbly hairs still need tending to....

Between Back to School, Fashion Week and After-School Activities, salon waxings are literally a thing of the past for this fashionista. Sure, I've tried The No-No and various other products but my current fave has left me smiling and my legs are soft as silk! (And oh so Sexy)

Veet has unveiled a new and improved gel cream formula guaranteed to provide you with the smooth gams in 3 minutes!! Yes 3 minutes and your bare legs are prepped and ready to go...

The Dish: It's great for fashionistas on the go (like me). It's available in two formulas (Dry Skin and Sensitive Skin).

Chic Notes: No more worries about nicks, cuts and bumps associated with shaving! Includes a Veet Perfect Touch Tool that can easily remove your unwanted hair. *Love It*

The Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream can be purchased at or your favorite drug, mass or grocery merchandiser for a mere $4.99 .

Uh... What are you still doing here???


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