Chic Beauty Buzz.... Dr. Miracle's Review

As I prepare to enter a new year, I find myself thinking about new beginnings and of course a fabulous 2010. If you're an avid reader of  Tres Chic Style, you probably are familiar with my love affair with great hair. A self proclaimed wig diva, I have been known to switch it up a bit with various styles, textures and lengths. Underneath my "Haute Hair" you're sure to find a healthy mane that receives lot's of TLC!

Recently, I had the opportunity to sample a few haute products from the Dr. Miracle's line. I've seen the commercials, read the advertisements and even wondered what all the fuss was about. Check out a few of my favorites....

The little package promises an intensive deep conditioning to control slow growth and breakage, while stimulating blood flow to the scalp. After three weeks and two applications, I noticed my hair feels healthier and appears to be growing. I even tried it on my 8 year old and she loves the tingly feeling on her lil' scalp. I would definitely recommend this product and think it's found a permanent place in my beauty bag.

A "prescription" for your scalp areas that demand extra help for split ends and breakage issues. The serum should be applied twice daily (sometimes I forget) and massaged into the scalp. I must admit, the medicinal aroma left me skeptical at first. After the first week accompanied by great results, my skepticism subsided. My split ends appear minimal and my hair feels & looks  healthier with an added moisture.