Lace Front 101....

This post is so long overdue.... As a fashionista and editor of this sassy little blog, it's my duty to keep you in the know about all the fabulous things in life. As a stylist, I pride myself on educating women on proper hair care techniques. I am a self-professed wig diva... I've been donning my lace beauties for a minute now and I cringe at some of the monstrosities I see on women's heads on a daily basis.

It annoys me to say the least... so much so, I decided to share Lace Fronts 101 with you, in case you missed the memo.

The History of the Lace Front

The lacefront wig was invented in the 1800's by a wig inventor named Leguet. The actual lace patent holder is M. Telier, who won rights over the patent after a lengthy lawsuit against other wig creators. In the last 20 years the lace wig  has gained popularity in the film and music industries. It was created to give actors and performers a natural appearance as they performed.  The lace base of the wig creates a nearly flawless hairline when applied correctly and recently many celebrities, began using the hairpieces for everyday use, to help protect their natural hair from heat and strenuous styling.

Lace Front Tips

  • Do visit a professional stylist for a lace consultation.
  • Ask questions
  • If the stylist does not offer you an alternative to glue, Run!
  • Become informed consumers. 
  • Lace Front Units were never meant to be worn for days or weeks at a time. 
  • The Units are applied to your hairline and should be carefully adhered.
  • Lace Front Adhesives should only be used when applying units.
  • The Units should be carefully removed with a lace front adhesive remover.
  • Heat should NEVER be applied directly to the unit. (that beauty supply store chick holding a blow dryer to your scalp to dry the adhesive... Absoulte No-No!)
  • "Baby Hair"  is just that... Baby Hair! If you're over 12 months of age, give it up already!
  • The lace should never irritate the hairline, if for any reason it does, remove it at once.
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Tiffany said…
I wish that could afford one so that I let my own hair take a break but my funds are open for that kind of purchase.

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