Brett Freedman Dishes Pink Make-Up Trends for Spring...

Celebrity Make-Up Artist Brett Freedman was gracious enough to share some his spring tips with us and we're thrilled... Do Enjoy!

About: Brett Freedman is a celebrity make-up artist and the founder of Vanitymark Cosmetics. Brett's work can be seen on the faces of Vanessa Hudgens, Leighton Meester, Jenna Fischer and Kelly Clarkson. 

If there ever was a season for color, spring would be pink's time in the sun. Pink is a classic. It mimics our natural blushing hue so it always looks natural and healthy. You wanna shake up this timeless hue? Try these face-friendly tips for a beautifully pink day:

Do your foundation and concealer as usual. My tip to give your face a flush of spring glow: add a touch of Bonne Bell bronzer to your foundation or tinted moisturizer to give skin a healthy lift of color.

Powder: Choose a loose powder that has a touch of light reflection, like DermaMinerals Buildable Coverage SPF20 loose powder with mica-wrapped cotton fibers.

Cheeks: I heart PosiTint by Benefit. A really sweet, healthy shade. Dab on apples of cheeks and sweep upward and back toward the temples.
A cheek stain is great because it tends to last longer. A little dab on chin gives an uber natural all over radiance.

Brows: Sweep a light, arch structuring powder through your brows. My tip is to use a shade that's a tone lighter than your brow hairs. This gives a shadow of definition. I suggest Vanitymark's Ultra-Brow powder. Soft hues with a seamless matte finish. Perf! Give your brows an oh-so-of the moment look by brushing up with a touch of brow gel.

Eyes: What makes pink so healthy on the face, can work against you if used around the eyes. The key here is to stay in the family of the pink tone, but with a more solid shade as a base. Example: Taupe with a touch of pink undertone. Plums and burgundies are great, too. Silver and lilac as a highlighter work beautifully.

Eyeshadow, Try this springy custom MAC trio of colors from the hot new Liberty of London collection.
Lid: Give me Liberty of London. This creamy matte shadow sets the stage for a shimmery eyeliner (later step).
Crease: Bough Grey. Work from outer corner and sweep arching up and inward. This mid tone should go to sheer, near nothing
after the mid eye.
Shimmery highlight: Using a tight brush moistened with water, use Dames Desire shadow as an eyeliner. Dot and blend very close to lash line around eye, top and bottom. Set against the matte lid this light catching lilac shadow gives great definition by using light reflective shimmer, not dark pigments. 

Lashes: Continue the unique, subtle hues to your lashes. Givenchy's Phenomenon mascara in plum gives eyes vividness with a naughty tint of unique color. Curl lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes. My tip: curl lashes after mascara dries to give extra pop. When using lighter, subtle shadows it's important to keep lashes very bold and crisp. 

Lips: A soft flush of satin-y color is all the rage this spring. To balance the cheek stain I'd suggest doing a very soft pink on lips. Try my Vanitymark Dr. KISS satin finish lip balm. Though the balm is baby blue, it has 4% of that 'mood lipstick' ingredient to give lips a little lift of pink color. It's your personal, customized pink shade that's perfect for you!


Tiffany said…
I have to find my perfect shade of pink. Nothing like spend time at the MAC counter then leaving the find the shade at Walgreens.

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