Luscious Lashes 101...

It's no secret lashes create a dramatic look for your eyes. A must-have for make-up artists and quickly becoming an obsession with fashionistas. I've been donning my false lashes since late 2006, early 2007. Initially I tried individuals at a salon and became smitten with the results. My beautiful browns became my best feature and garnered me endless compliments on a daily basis. 

Fast forward almost 4 years later and I've become a lash expert. I've experimented with demis, individuals to banded strips. I seldom leave the house without them and even wear two pairs sometimes for a dramatic look. My husband loves them and he's always amazed at the before and after results. Recently I've discovered my new BFF in lashes.....

The trusted name in stylish lashes, Lash Addiction is launching their Flare Kit. 

The Dish:  For $14 (what most us spend on lattes/fraps) you get professional quality fine-point tweezers, two sets of Lash Addiction Flares, and Fabulous Eyelashes Dab-It Adhesive,  specifically formulated for individual flare lashes, and fume free.

It's super easy... Simply use fine-point tweezers to gently grip the base of the lash and then dab the knot of the lash into adhesive. Begin applying to natural lash line, and let dry 2-3 minutes. Finish with a coat of mascara and Voila!

The Lash Addiction Flare Kit instantly adds volume and thickness to natural eyelashes. These glam lashes get noticed because they dramatically transform eyes to flirty, attention grabbers (trust me on this). With Lash Addiction Flares, you’re sure to attract sultry stares the entire evening!

About Lash Addiction
Lash Addiction products create glamorous, lush lashes for a Hollywood celebrity look. Whether you’re attending a daytime luncheon or swanky evening event, Lash Addiction adds drama and depth to any style for every season. Many top celebrity makeup artists use Lash Addiction faux lash strips to create stunning red carpet looks. Lash Addiction products are available in drugstores nationwide and available online at

To ensure fashionistas experience in the joy of lashes, our savvy friends at Lash Addiction are giving away one Lash Flare Kit to one lucky winner.

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