Inside The Make-Up Show NYC...

As a self-professed make-up junkie and beauty diva, my trip toThe Make Up Show NYC rivaled a day at Disney World. Eager and always excited to experiment with new trends, my make-up fantasies were revealed beyond my wildest dreams. I had my favorite booths and then there were those I could hardly tear myself away from.  Take a look….

I had the pleasures of meeting with the founder of Geri G. Cosmetics and her adoring husband at the show (his name is also Ger, how cute is that). Their booth caught my eye quickly and after chatting with the two, I’m so glad it did….

Geri Giagnorio is an aesthetician and make up artist. having utilized her expertise in the industry, Geri has introduced a revolutionary product (The Mixer Kit) that is guaranteed to make it’s rounds in your make up bag.
What: The Mixer Kit  ($39 )is designed to change the way you think about cosmetics. Each kit contains one Mixer Solo, one M Brush, Spatula and an instructional booklet, as well as an instructional DVD video.
The Dish: We all have a beauty bag/drawer/shelf that contains a product(s) we adored at the counter but hated once we arrived home. No worries, the mixer solo allows you to create new eyeshadow/blush colors custom created to your liking… Is that Haute or What?? 

In addition to being one the best cosmetics inventions ever (in my opinion) it can enhance and the extend the life of your cosmetics. Simply dab a bit of the product (1 pump) onto one side of the spatula,and your blush/powder on the other side.  Use the brush to blend with your make up for a flawless finish. This lil’ tube of magic replaces the need for primer and gives your foundation a softer, smoother look. After my first application with my blush this morning… I’m Sold! It was simple and I absolutely love the brush!
In a word… Fabulous! Do an about face and head on over to  Geri G. Cosmetics to get yours.
It was getting a bit crowded at the show….
After chatting with Geri I headed on over to the MAC counter and caught a glimpse of the new offerings and even dished with fellowbloggers and fashionistas. It was on to Fluhme, where I discovered baked eye shadows. The atmosphere was buzzing and some of your top artist were on hand to offer a few tips to the pros.
Dermalogica was on hand at the show…