Just a Few Things I'm Totally Smitten With These Days....

Great skin is always in Style...

Cleansers, toners, mask, peels, moisturizers.... I've tried some of  the best and I'm always compelled to share my experiences with each of you. I was introduced to dermHA (pronounced derm-H-A) at a media event a few weeks ago. The creators of this innovative skin care line were super sweet and gave me a little background on their brand and the dish on Hyaluronic Acid


dermHA  Enzme Mask has been my secret weapon for flawless skin during the 90+ degree heat wave we're experiencing in the Northeast. In just 2-3 applications, I immediately noticed the difference in my skin. This lil' jar of magic not only exfoliates but leaves my skin soft and silky. I apply a thin layer for 15-20 minutes (usually when I'm getting the babes ready in the AM) and slough off with a warm cloth. It's gentle, non-irritating and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and looking fabulous!

Available at www. dermha.com

Love a great tote for summer... An essential for a busy fashionista!

Absolutely, positively  need this is my life...

The chic babes and I are loving this right now...
Getting the kids to apply sunscreen is impossible sometimes. They find it pointless and shutter at the thought of pausing pool time for mommy and her spray.. * giggles*
The Supergoop Quick Stick allows them to carry along SPF30 protection in their backpacks and apply whenever, wherever and actually have some fun in the process. 
The Dish: The mini-stick delivers protection from sunburn and harmful UV rays. And it's water-resistant!

Available at Sephora, $9