End of Summer Shopping Secrets Revealed.....

Retailers are changing floor sets as I type...  Their making room for Fall arrivals and slashing prices on summer apparel & accessories. Sandals, capris & maxis are all marked down up to 75% and fashionistas are in a complete spiral...
Take a look at some tips to assist you on your shopping journeys...

  • Coupons are a fashionistas BFF... Head on over to Tres Chic Style and snag some of the best ones!
  • Resist the urge to buy things just because their on sale... Your closet doesn't need the clutter!
  • Check on return policies... You NEVER want to be stuck with anything!
  • Take your time and head to the dressing room... Play with pieces and create different looks
  • Consider purchasing pieces that you can work into your Fall wardrobe
  • Stay away from trends... Who say's it'll be in style next year!
  • Only buy what you love.. If you're still having reservations by the time you're at the register, Leave it there!