Lanvin Descends on H&M....

Uber luxe Parisan designer Lanvin hits H&M this Saturday morning, and if you're in New York and want to get your hands on any of it, it's time to start planning... Now!
  • Grab a few of your BFF's and head to the city atthe crack of dawn LOL! *Just kidding, 6-7am should do it*
  • Skip a heavy breakfast, it'll make you sluggish while shopping.
  •  Dresses range from $149 to $249, all shoes are $99, and coats are $149 to $349. So know your budget!
  • When the doors open, be the lovely dames youare and don't cause a stampede!
  • Head for dress racks.. Trust me, they'll go First!
  • Grab a few even if they're not yoour size and sift through at the register/fitting room
  • Don't forget the shoes... They are to absolutely die for!
Just a few of my favorites.....

I absolutely adore this dress.....