Post-Holiday Shopping Tips...

Retailers are unloading their winter goods just in time to deliver their spring goodies...
We head to the mall in search of great buys and after-holiday deals only to return home with a bevy of unneccessary items... What a waste huh? We've compiled a list of do's & don'ts to assist you on your next shopping excursion at the mall.

1. Head to the CLEARANCE section... There's always some fabulous finds lurking in there!
2. Make nice with the sales associates... They always have the dish on super sales & may share a snazzy coupon or two!
3. Check your IPhone/Android Market for your retailer's apps. Extra Savings & Sneak Peeks!
4. Stay away from trends...
5. Snag classic, quality pieces... Buying well means only buying once!
6. Try-On... Try-On... If you don't like it in the dressing room, there's a huge chance you'll hate it when you get home!
7. Check Return Policies!
8. Don't be shy to use coupons! A little birdy told me Tres Chic Style posts some awesome ones!
9. Take a friend along... Opinions count!
10. Lastly... If you love it, buy it! If it takes pondering or convincing... Leave it there!