Kim Kardashian Releases Her Debut Single "My Jam"....

Kim Kardashian has won her way into our hearts via her wildly popular reality-show empire and subsequently conquered the fashion and beauty industry. With beauty, style and a few million in reserve, Kim Kardashian may not dominate the music industry, but she is determined to make us Dance!

The long awaited debut single "Jam (Turn it Up)" premiered this morning on the Ryan Seacrest show.  Think "Tardy for the Party" meets couture.. The track is produced by The Dream and leaves you dancing in your seat by the second chorus. 

Take a Listen....

The Bridge:
 "Girls in the building/ Fellas in the club/ Boys spending money/ Girls looking good/ I'm on the floor, living my life/ Feeling so good, feeling so right/ Got my hands up/ Celebrate like it's my birthday/ Five more shots of tequila/ I'm thirsty/ Feeling so good, I'm feeling so great/ Tonight."

"It's a fun dance song," Kim told Seacrest, going on to describe the response it got in Las Vegas. "We played it in Tao in Vegas and the whole crowd was singing along in the end." When asked about plans for an album, she said, "Absolutely nothing. Just have fun. It's all in fun."

Kim even tweeted about the radio debut of her song, which will be featured on her show "Kourtney and Kim Take Manhattan" on Sunday. "The song will go up on itunes, proceeds going to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital," she tweeted. "This was just a fun new experience! I am so glad I went for it! 

100% of the proceeds of JAM are being donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital... 

 The verdict is in.. We Like!