Smartphones Giving you Wrinkles?? Blackberry Botox May be Just What the Dr. Ordered....

We've all heard of Botox and some of us are even guilty of a little whirl here and there..

Blackberry Botox is a new and emerging trend in the world of plastic surgery. The term was coined as the result in the rise of Botox procedures brought about by the obsessive yet necessary use of smartphones, PDA's and Iphones. Leading surgeons have realized that squinting at your phones all day can cause premature wrinkles.

The Dish: Reading messages and peeking in our Facebook and Twitter timelines on those tiny screens causes your face to scrunch up, creating tension between your brows. Over time, this will cause phoney   frown lines to develop in the brow region. Sooo not Haute!

So what's a busy gal to do??

  • Take a break.... Those endless Blackberry Messenger sessions may have to be decreased to less than 10 minutes.. The Horror! Read and glance up often to eliminate straining the eyes.
  • Increase your fonts.. Your eyes will thank you as well as your nosy, meddling co-worker reading over your shoulder.. 
  • Dim the lighting... An extensive amount of light is not only harmful to the eyes but can cause the eyes to narrow.
  • Seek the guidance of an accredited professional. Consult a plastic surgeon or an ophthalmologist regarding your concerns and the best ways to combat those Blackberry induced wrinkles...