Chic Beauty Buzz: Spring In Some Color With Jafra Cosmetics Full Coverage Lipstick...

Recently I was compelled to spice things up a bit with my make-up and looked to Jafra Cosmetics to assist me in my quest. Jafra Cosmetics International recently launched the professional-inspired collection, which also happens to be the first update to the line in 10 years! I was uber excited to review the line and share my take with my fiercely loyal Tres Chic Style "Beautynistas" like you.

The Jafra Full Coverage Lispstick is my new beauty must-have for Spring.... It's rich in pigment which provides long-wear, absolutely no fading and just the perfect amount of shine to keep your pouts picture perfect all day. I'm always a bit timid and shy when it comes to switching up my look. I'm a simple gal when it comes to my make-up. I adore a dramatic eye, peachy cheeks and my lips are often adorned with soft nudes & luxe glosses. Naturally when the fab folks over at Jafra sent over this sassy Very Cherry lip color I was compelled to give it a whirl....

Let's just say I absolutely love the color and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product. Reds tend to fade and feather. The Jafra Lipstick collection is literally fail-proof. The color is uber rich and delivers a dash of sexy! I can remember tinkering with various shades of red in my 20's and feeling like a beauty misfit tangled in a horrid music video. I was never able to find my correct shade or a hue that really made me pop..

That was until  Jafra.....Voila! My demure pout just made a splash for Spring and I'm totally loving it!
I can actually get through an entire day without re-applying and my lips feel buttery smooth and soft in part to the Jojoba etsers and Avocado butter imparts. As an added bonus, the collection is infused with Vitamin E, a secret agent that assists with those pesky fine lines caused by sun damage and aging. 

Snag yours at Jafra Cosmetics