Tres Chic Style TV: MPG Sport Spring 2011 Collection Review

In a fashionista's life there are a few dreaded pieces to shop for.. Swim Wear, Jeans and Sportswear... Each have their own unique struggles and often cause quite the annoyance in fitting rooms across the world. We strive ridiculously hard to look good while working out, yet we're often spotted in the normal black pant and tee as our active wear staple. 

Recently I discovered Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG) and let's just say my workout gear has sashayed it's way into the 21st Century... The days of unflattering sweats and tees have made their last and final curtain call thanks to the snazzy folks over at MPG.With an endless collection of fashion savvy active wear & lifestyle apparel that can be worn in or outside of the gym, MPG has allowed us to work out in comfort and look fabulous while doing so.

The pieces are lightweight, comfortable and oh so chic! The lifestyle collection is my personal favorite with trendy, modern pieces that can effortlessly work their way into your daily wardrobe. 
Take a look at my absolute favorite pieces from the collection and see for yourself....

Visit MPG online or find a retailer in your area, here.

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