Chic Beauty Must-Have of the Moment... Lierac Paris Diopti Demag Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Lierac Paris DIOPTI DEMAQ Gentle Eye Makeup Remover ($24) is formulated with:  Floral waters of Rose and Cornflower to purify and refresh, Linden and Mallow extracts to calm and soften. Keratin and vitamin B5 to protect and strengthen lashes, and Glycerin and Fucogel® to hydrate.
Product highlights:
  • Clinically-proven effectiveness tested under ophthalmologic control
  • Paraben-free formulas containing
  • NO added fragrances, artificial colorings, or phenoxyethanol.  
  • Alcohol-Free.
  • Safe for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.
  • Non-sticky gel texture.

Why I Love It: I adore a gentle eye make up remover, especially when it comes to tired, weary eyes like mine at the end of a long day. Each time you swish your cotton pad it instantly nourishes and protects your lashes. Best of all, there's no rubbing needed.. Just one quick swipe and you're done!

Lierac Paris DIOPTI DEMAQ Gentle Eye Makeup Remover  is a SELF Magazine 2011 Healthy Beauty Awards winner.....

SELF Magazine looked to their readers to test the latest product launches and select those worthy of the title "SELF 2011 Healthy Beauty Award Winner." Over  2,200 women tested 1,187 products, and chose Diopti Demaq as the favorite makeup remover.