My Sassy Red Travels... Inside My Beauty Bag

Hey Fabulous Ones....

Every now and then a beautynista must shake things up a bit with our make-up routine. I recently embraced a gorgeous red pout as a part of my Summer look and I'm actually loving the amazing  picture perfect results... and so has my husband! *Tee-Hee*

The red is all kinds of pretty and just adds that lil' something extra to my look. I've received a myriad of compliments, ranging from; "Wow, Red Brightens You Up" to "Who Did Your Make-Up". Who knew a little color could do all that...

A few shades I'm currently smitten with...

This lightweight matte shade delivers just what it says.. Stunning!

Jafra "Very Cherry" is infused with a rich pigment, delivers a subtle shine and looks gorgeous!

Take a look at this video:


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