Royal Wedding Dress May Be Unveiled to the Public...

It's reported that over 2 billion people around the world tuned in last Friday for the Royal Wedding. The dress was the nation's best kept secret and kept us captivated until the very moment the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine (Kate's new title) stepped out her car at Westminster Abbey.

The gorgeous lace and satin gown designed by Sarah Burton for The House of Alexander McQueen was a modern take on the 1956 wedding dress donned by Grace Kelly. The embroiders working on the gown were not even aware they were working on the Royal Wedding Dress. Amidst this secret operation, it's reported anyone coming in contact with the gown were instructed to wash their hands every 20-30 minutes for fear of soiling the delicate handmade lace.

The gown could go on display, according to a statement from Prince Charles' Clarence House on Sunday. Official dates have not been disclosed as of Monday, but we believe they'll be a host of awaiting fashionistas and royal wedding watchers alike clamoring for their chance to sneak a peek. *Off to London I Go....*