Chic on the Beach: The Swimsuit Edition

Swimsuits have come along way.... The days of the dreaded teeny weeny bikini have been replaced with comfortable and stylish suits that actually flatter every body type. Amazon has an entire section devoted solely to swimsuits and beach accessories. The Amazon Swim Shop debuted this June and has a collection of sleek, modern and affordable pieces for the fashionista with discriminating taste.

At Amazon Swim Shop it's simple to build your own outfit snag some haute accessories for a complete look. This year round destination is chock' full of fabulous brands and designer styles. We adore the Majestic Swim collection which also happens to be an Amazon Swim Shop exclusive.

Perfect for afternoon romps by the pool or a sexy late-night dinner.. No water required! Ha!

At Amazon Swim Shop you can shop by body type.. This means Apple shape, Pear. Long Torso, Small Bust, Large Bust and even Straight figures have finally found a place to shop. All in the comfort of your own home! You can even shop for the entire family.. Mens & Kids collections are also available in the Swim Shop!