In Chic News: Forever 21 Under Fire for Religious Fashion Frocks...

Forever 21 Tees
Recently trendy retailer Forever 21 came under fire for their Christian inspired merchandise. The Chang family who happens to own the wallet-savvy conglomerate are devout Christians and always maintained a sense of spiritualism throughout the brand. For instance, ever look at the bottom of a Forever 21 bag? It clearly reads John 3:16.

In addition, the accessories bar is always stocked with bejewled  and bedazzled crosses. Now does this mean Forever 21 is on a mission to convert the fashion crazed masses? I hardly thinks so...  the tank tops featured above have drawn some criticism from a few and praise from fellow Christians as well. The fact that vintage Run-DMC tees are sold alongside tunics professing love for Jesus makes absolutely no difference to me!

Gothic Necklace, $4.80  Forever 21

I remember the Madonna era when crosses were considered uber chic and quite the fashion statement.. Wonder who was complaining then?