The Not-So-Chic Chronicles.... Rachel Roy Rocks Pajamas on the Red Carpet

Tongues were wagging at the recent  New York  premiere  of "One Day"  where celebrities and socialites donned gorgeous gowns and sexy frocks and then... There was Rachel Roy!

Clad in a menswear inspired pajama ensemble, Roy's choice for the evening was enough to make the "Fashion God's" cringe.  First and foremost, I'm all about making a statement. Ill-fitting pajamas accessorized with a vintage clutch and sassy Blahniks signal a slice of desperation to me personally. There was nothing chic about the look. As a "Flotus" fave go-to designer, Roy has received numerous accolades for her fresh and modern designs and over-the top success with her line at Macy's. So this recent stunt.. Totally Unnecessary!

In a statement to InStyle, Rachel commented "I have an 11 year old and I like to show her that it's okay to take fashion risks, have fun and tell a story".   Yeah, Okay! *Insert Sarcasm Here*

What do you think of Rachel's look... Chic or Not-So-Chic ??