Chic Beauty Find of the Day....Skinn Cosmetic’s Island Breeze Body Collection by Dimitri James

Looking for an island escape in the middle of September?? We've just discovered a fabulous way to indulge in our favorite season while nourishing our skin in the process!

What: Skinn Cosmetic's Island Breeze Body Collection by Dimitri James

The Dish: The dynamic collection instantly conjures images of ocean breezes, sand.. sun and a tropical paradise. Just because summer has bid us farewell, doesn't mean we can't sneak in a tropical getaway every now and then.

  • Moisturizing Body Souffle, $24
  • Indulging Body Wash, $18.50
  • Sweet & Smooth Body Polish, $18.50

Why We're Loving It: With ingredients like coconut milk, shea butter and that always favorite Tahitian Noni, we know our skin is in good hands. The collection leaves your skin, soft, radiant and even exfoliates.

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