A Few Chic & ATM Friendly Fall Shopping Tips....

  • Shop your own .... And yes it does work!! That gorgeous scarf or chic pair of booties you absolutely forgot you had!
  • Enlist your BFF's for help in planning a Shop & Swap. It's a great way to recycle your old clothes and emerge with some new pieces in the process!  You can also head to www.meetup.com and find a swap in your area.
  • Hit the Flea Market or find a Yard Sale... You'll be amazed at the finds!!
  • Although Forever 21 and H&M are steadily increasing their prices these days (yeah, tops that normally sold for $19.99 are $29 & up) You can steal snag a deal here and there...especially in the clearance section!
  • Ebay!! It's a go-to for stylist!
  • Marshalls' and TJ Maxx are great retailers for fashionistas in search of bargains..
  • Cruise the mall.... No really cruise the mall! Have an hour or two to spare?? Master the art of comparative shopping, resist splurges and only buy it if it screams your name!
  • Lastly, EVERYTHING eventually goes on sale.... It may take longer than you'd like but it'll hit that sale rack faster than you can say......"I'll Take It"!