Daytime Television Bids Farewell to a Fashion Dynasty.. All My Children Finale on ABC

Get the tissues ready.. Today will mark a historical moment in day time television. All My Children will bid farewell to the ABC Networks in a tearful montage of flashbacks and re-visits of the past. I must admit, I have been dreading this day since the announcement earlier this year.

I have grown up with this show and it's always sad to imagine saying goodbye to a piece of your childhood. And second, my mom adores this show and since her sickness, watching All My Children as well as her other ABC soaps is something she looks forward to.

Susan Lucci..  Miss Erica Kane

All My Children premiered January 5, 1970, set in a fictional suburb of Philadelphia.  I became an avid watcher around 79' or 80'. I can remember sitting with my babysitter's at the time watching these glamorous women wisk in and off the screen toting shopping bags, dripping in diamonds with flawless hair and makeup. I wanted to live in Pine Valley! I can even remember scheduling my classes in college around All My Children.. Ha!

All My Children was one of my first introductions into the world of Fashion... I wanted to own a "Glamorama" Boutique just like Myrtle Fargate.. And  I did! I would be inspired by All My Children and begin to work on collages comprised of magazine photos of clothing, accessories and travel destinations. My mom would often ask what I was doing.. I'd reply, just mapping out my future! Little did I know, that lil' map was actually a vision board!

Today I'll bid farewell to a dear friend, each story a defining moment in my life. The love stories... The Good Times.. The Sad Times..The Tears.. Did I mention The Tears! Tune into today for the finale and head on over to my Twitter feed.. I'll be live-tweeting during the show!