Chic Peak: Halloween Behind the Scenes at Radio City Music Hall

Yesterday evening The Tres Chic Family headed to the legendary Radio City Music Hall for an evening of family fun. We're met by Dracula and whisked upstairs to the VIP Roxy Room by Dracula and ushered through an amazing tour of this majestic venue.

The kiddies were greeted by "Friends" of Radio City along the way and indulged in sweet treats as well. Once we entered the Roxy Room my heart almost stopped. Just thinking about all the legends that entered that room was enough to give me chills. As the kiddies played a bit and fellow mommy bloggers chatted it up, I took my own tour through history.

Radio City Music Hall Guest Book

Automobile magnate Henry Ford was inside The Roxy Room

The art deco themed room complete with original furnishings were enough to make me smile. Not my ideal space for a group of overly zealous costumed children, but the evening managed to go by without incident or a spill for that matter *lol* .

Fast forward and a delightful evening was had by all..... Thanxies Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall for inviting us.

If you'd like to partake in your own tour: The Radio City Music Hall Stage Door Tour takes place everyday 11am-3pm. Believe me, you'll LOVE it!