Eye Spy.... Skinn Eye Stem Rejen Review

Some of life's sweetest pleasures come packaged in a bottle. Messages, chocolates, vino and sometimes an eye lift! These high-end procedures often deliver results but also deliver a pricey bill at the end of each session.

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to review the Collagenesis  Skinn Eye Stem Rejen. I was familiar with the Skinn Cosmetics brand created by celebrity make-up artist Dimitri James via Shop NBC. Always eager to test new brands and get rid of tired eyes, I put the Eye Stem Rejen to the test.

Chic Findings: While the brand claims results are noticeable within the first application, my under eye circles needed a second and third sprinkling to unveil their star power. The serum glided onto my skin easily with minimal tingling and had my skin feeling firmer and smoother within a week.

The tiny serum is packed with powerful ingredients that penetrate the skin for optimum performance. Infused with Rh Polypeptide-7, a revolutionary peptide that reduces lines and wrinkles.  I'm still in week two, but plan to share some before and after photos shortly.

Learn More About Eye Stem Rejen, Here.