In Chic News: Elisabeth Glaser Kids For Kids Carnival Settles Into NYC for Their 18th Annual Year....

On November 5, 2011 celebrities, socialites and a bevy of vivacious youngsters descended downtown in support of the 18th Annual Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation Kids for Kids Carnival. Held at the trendy Skylight Soho, the venue is transformed into an African Safari journey. Attendees had the opportunity to peek into the Disney reading area while being greeted by classic characters and snapping photographs.

About The Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation:

Elisabeth Glaser and Ariel Glaser

Elizabeth Glaser dreamed of a world where children living with HIV and AIDS could lead long and healthy lives. Elisabeth embarked on this journey subsequently after experiencing her own personal tragedy in 1981. While delivering her gorgeous daughter Ariel, Elisabeth received a blood transfusion in which she contracted HIV. Unaware of the infection, Elisabeth passed the virus onto her daughter Ariel via breast milk and later to her son Jake in utero.

Susan DeLaurentis, Susie Zeegan (Center) and Elisabeth Glaser

In the course of attempting to treat Ariel, Elisabeth along with her husband Paul Glaser discovered that health companies did not address the concerns of children living with AIDS. The medications available on the market during the 80's were for adults and had not been tested on children. After losing Ariel to the deadly disease in 1988, Elisabeth feared for the life of her son Jake. Elisabeth fighting her own battle, sprung into action and enlisted the assistance of her two dear friends Susie Zeegan and Susan DeLaurentis for helping creating a foundation to raise money for Pediatric HIV/AIDS research.

Tres Chic Style Editor, Kishana Holland and Jake Glaser

Sadly Elisabeth lost her battle in 1994, but her legacy and vision continues to live in the hearts and minds of everyone affiliated with the Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Renamed in 1994 to honor Elisabeth's legacy and to carry on the mission... To bring hope to children with HIV/AIDS. Since that time the foundation has been recognized as the leading global nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing Pediatric AIDS through research, advocacy and prevention and treatment programs.

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This year's event was as stellar as the past years and allowed me the opportunity to re-connect with dear friends and colleagues at such an amazing and important cause. Decadent treats were provided by Serendipity 3, Bark, Witchcraft and an assortment of local NYC eateries.