In Chic Review: Muppets Movie Delivers For The Holiday...

Jim Henson's beloved tale of the Muppets have been reinvigorated by the Disney brand and chances are they're here to stay. After a 12 year hiatus with "Muppets From Outer Space", our favorite fuzzy friends have picked up right where they left us. Wanting More....

Disney's The Muppets takes place in Small Town USA starring Jason Segal, Amy Adams and our newest and lovable Muppet Walter. Jason Segal (Gary) is quite the power tri-fecta in the film, by starring, writing and producing this witty film. Gary and his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) set their sites on a romantic vacation and find themselves entrenched in the lives of  Kermit, Piggy Fozzie Bear and the gang. The couple embark on a Muppetastic journey to save the Muppets theater from oil tycoon (Chrs Cooper) in his nefarious plan to demolish the beloved landmark. 

Each have gone their separate ways in life with Kermit residing in Los Angeles longing for Piggy, Fozzie rocking it out in Reno and Animal tucked away in a Santa Barbara clinic in therapy... Yes, therapy! And Miss Piggy serving as plus-size editor at Vogue Paris. Tres Chic!

The comedic timing and story line is no less than brilliant. The latest installment is fresh, modern and comprised of celebrity cameos, classic flashbacks and an ode to 80's classic rock music. My all time favorite Muppet Miss Piggy graces the screen in tailored Chanel Suits, Louboutin's and a set of Pearls that could make any First Lady weep. 

The powerful franchise has delivered us Seasame Street, The Muppets Show and The Muppets Movie. Each playing a pivotal role in each of our lives. One of the year's best, a holiday must-see for the entire family and definitely a nice treat for Thanksgiving Day.

See the Muppets trailer....

Disney The Muppets debuts November 23, 2011...... Snag your tickets, here.


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