10 Fashion Trends We Can Do Without in 2012.... The Worst 2011 Fashion Trends Revealed!

2011 delivered a vibrant mix of color, racy metallics and even a dash of fur comprised of  faux and the real thing. Fashion is yet just another form of expression. It's the art of life that many of  us can't do without or can we?

  1. GaGa's horrid gender switcharoo look at the VMA's... It wasn't just a fashion faux-pas, it was HORRIBLE!
  2. Poorly Fitted Blazers worn with everything.. I know they were all the rage, but pairing it with that cocktail dress is simply a no-no my dear.. Even if it is Gucci! 
  3. The Hat Attack... I adore a chic millinery design like the next gal, but topping off every look this year with that black fedora was downright annoying. So you wanted to make it your signature statement in 2011?  Nice try....
  4. Foldable Flats....We get the whole idea, every fashionista needs to glide though life being fabulous, well sometimes that fab factor takes a toll on our feet after a 12+ hour day in stilettos. The foldable flat brigade rushed in with the magical answer to our prayers, but neglected the fact that flats usually have a sole or some kind of support. In my opinion, the designers of these dangerous doo-dads should be forced to hike 20 city miles in a pair and see how fab they feel after that!
  5. The Animal Hats... Why?? Are you living out your childhood fantasies or just like the idea of looking utterly ridiculous!
  6. Harem Pants.. The sales girl at H&M told you were bringing sexy back a'la MC Hammer style.. She LIED!
  7. Gladiator Sandals.. Not the sexy stiletto kind, but the O' Little Town of Bethelem Flats that make us weep each time we see one.
  8. Kardashian lines at Sears... With the jewelry being the exception, the Karadshian clan played a game of trickery on the minds and wallets of fashionistas with over-priced cheap frocks. The bedazzled pieces did nothing for the lackluster sales at Sears either.. Stores are closing as I type!
  9. Basketball Wives Earrings .... *Deep Breath* I know the ladies of reality television have inspired the hearts, minds and closets of many. I for one am not a fan of the over-sized hoops adorned with everything you found in the bead box. 
  10. Jeggings ... I could go on all day about these denim inspired travesties, but I'll take the fashion high-ground and just pray their romp is over