Chic Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips....

With three days left till' Christmas, most of us are thinking... What to Buy? Where Do I get It? And How Can  I Make it Special....

Where To Buy:
  • Holiday Shipping can be very tricky on these last few days. Ordering online from retailers and picking up in store may be your best option.
  •  You can always head to the mall!
  • Shop Local... Local retailers can always be that last-minute go-to when holiday mall frenzy just isn't on your agenda.
  • Think Supermarket... Snag some gourmet treats, a basket and get to work!
Making It Special:
  • There's NOTHING special about a gift card during the holidays.. Sorry! You can wrap it up in the shiny paper, trinket boxes and such.. It's still just a tiny piece of plastic that says "Here, Happy Shopping!"
  • Dedicate some time to snag the perfect gift. Keep their personality in mind when shopping. I seriously doubt grandma has any interest in the latest gadget at Brookstone.
  • Don't skimp on wrapping.... Skip the generic gift bag and wrap those goodies! be creative, adorn it wait a treat, ornament or sassy note card.