In Chic Review: Skaná Spa at Turning Stone... Part I

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to peek in on the amazing Skana Spa at the Turning Stone in Central New York. Familiar with the majestic property via a NYC Spa media event, I was afforded the opportunity to visit and share my experience with my fiercely loyal Tres Chic Style readers.

Nestled in the confines of Verona, New York awaits a magical yet odyssey like oasis settled on the Oneida Nation land. Just five short hours outside of New York City, The Turning Stone Resort is situated on the pristine sovereign lands of the Oneida people. Upon exiting the toll road just feet away from the resort I positioned my thoughts into a tranquil, quiet place where the everyday stresses of life were to be placed on hold for the next three days.

Turning Stone boast an array of amenities including Award-Winning Golf Courses, Casino, Fine Dining, Entertainment and The World Class Skaná Spa. Moments after my arrival I was whisked away to my suite inside the Lodge. The Lodge is  Turning Stone's premiere hotel and home to the Skaná Spa. The luxe  caramel and rich vanilla hues provided a welcoming atmosphere and thrust you into the warm embrace of the Oneida people.

Skaná Greeting Area

Inside  Skaná :
Skaná boast a unique collection of eleven treatment rooms each outfitted in the traditional Oneida decor. An authentic Oneida dream catcher sits at the center of each room, each with a unique story. "Dream Catchers" are a customary Indian tradition and believed to keep the bad dreams away at night by pulling your dreams into a delicately woven "web" and releasing the bad ones into the world for a peaceful nights sleep. 

My personal "Dream Catcher"
Delivered each day at bed time....

Skaná  incorporates skincare lines Kerstin Florian and Natropathica into the rich traditions of the Oneida culture providing a balancing blend of peace and harmony throughout your treatments. The spa offers a myriad of services for the busy cosmopolitan gal that needs a break from the bustling city or a great one day getaway for that couple in need of some down time. 

Please Note: This is just the first in a series of posts dedicated to my review of Skaná Spa and The Turning Stone Resort. I'll be posting additional photos and video footage as well. 
So stay tuned....

In the meantime, you can snag additional details about The Turningstone Resort, HERE.
It's an awesome destination for holiday getaway and a GREAt gift idea for holiday gift giving.