Chic Ramblings & Thoughts... The Brown Girl NYFW Edition

Greetings fabulous ones...

I seldom utilize this platform for my personal rants and thoughts. I have for that! I strive really hard to deliver you the best in fashion, beauty and lifestyle news... Unbiased & Unscripted!
So this morning while I was prepping for my day I thought maybe I'll do something different, it is 2012 after all!

Love me or hate me..  I ain't going nowhere, so sit back, sip some tea and enjoy or hit that back button and it's all good too!

Ramblings & Thoughts

First and foremost I've never tried to be anyone other than myself. Sure I've had mentors and role models along the way, but never aspired to be anyone other than my true authentic & fabulous self. This blogger world often times opens your eyes to a world you've never really imagined. The swag and events are definitely something to smile about *Giggle*, but the pretentiousness is never something you're never prepared to deal with. As we're on the heels of NYFW, I can't help but to giggle at the numerous uncomfortable encounters that will debut right inside those glorious tents.

Such As...

  • That very moment when you look around and spot at least a dozen brown girls. Not huddled together chatting it up about the day's events, but all awkwardly scowling at each other as if they should have been the only ones invited to the party.
Ladies, this industry is large enough and bustling with opportunity for everyone. The fact that 80% of you are stylists never discounts your ability to network and partner on future ventures. And because you're the "It" Blogger with over 30,000 Twitter followers, does that make you any more relevant than a fab blogger with maybe 300 followers.

Each season a dear friend of mine, who also happens to be a fellow blogger dissect the eery and downright trifling behavior of some of our fellow bloggers during NYFW. We giggle about the shade we're always given by certain pr folks, the alarming increase in "crashers" invading NYFW and then there's the ever present scenarios when fellow bloggers attempt to toy with invites.. This I won't even get into.. Right now!

Anyhoo, this same very friend and I became acquainted at an industry event. Two fabulous Brown Girls.. Strangers.. Chatting it up! *Can You Imagine*  I can even remember how we began our conversation. I was wearing a vintage coat and she being the vintage connoisseur quickly made an observation and it's been a wrap ever since. Our friendship has created a myriad of opportunities, experiences and countless "A'Ha" moments. 

See, you can be a Brown Girl at events and actually smile with each other, converse and build relationships. It's not intricate to say the least. Be your authentic self and the possibilities are endless... 

Stay Fab & Chic...